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Professional tweezer set.

Handmade and cut which gives them an extremely good grip on the hairs.

Brazilian Brows – Point Tweezer

Say goodbye to pesky stray hairs with these precision tweezers. You will notice a dramatic difference in performance compared to store bought tweezers. Our point tweezer is hand made. This point gives you even more control over the smallest hairs. Stainless steel

Brazilian Brows – Slant Tweezer 25°

The Slant Tweezer 25 degrees removes every hair you want removed with the greatest precision. This amazing tweezer has been given legendary status due to it’s precision and the ease which these hairs are removed.

The tweezers fit perfectly in the hand and have a 25-degree oblique tip that is perfect for shaping your eyebrows. The tweezers give a perfect grip and give just the right stiffness with which you can grasp and remove hairs easily, precisely and firmly.

Brazilian Brows – Precision Flat Brush (Angled)

Our Precision Flat brush is specially made for Brazilian Brows. This brush gives you every comfort to apply the henna to the eyebrows and the skin. Thanks to it’s medium sized handle it fits comfortably in your hand, so that you get the minimum control of creating the best henna brows.

This brush ensures easy application of the henna. The hairs are put together by us for maximum control and comfort.

Henna mixing glass

You need a glass to mix the henna. This glass is strong and ideal for mixing the henna.

Measuring spoon

This measuring scoop is indispensable. 1 scoop is exactly enough for 1 customer. It makes you faster and there is less henna waste. So in short, a must have.


Brazilian Brows

Henna brows by Brazilian Brows


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